World Health Organization

Dr. Huda, a Bangladeshi national, is the Head of Disaster Risk Management and Resilience Unit in the Health Emergency Program of World Health Organization Headquarters. She takes special interest in the field of public health emergency, disaster risk reduction, health security, migration and health diplomacy. Dr Huda has demonstrated executive leadership in health sector policy and planning for all categories of disasters including climate change impact and heat health and its correlation to biological emergencies and disasters. An accomplished health disaster risk management expert with 24 years of working experience in emergency and disasters many countries across the world, Dr. Huda also has extensive experience in operational research on disasters and authored and co-authored number of books, chapters and articles on various aspects of disasters, emergencies particularly focusing on health sector. Dr. Huda obtained her academic excellence from the Faculty of Medicine at Dhaka University (Bangladesh), Harvard University, Tuft University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Leeds.

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