German Red Cross

Jerome Faucet has more than 12 years of experience in the humanitarian sector, mainly focusing on Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Adaptation and since 2018 on the impacts of heatwaves on vulnerable groups living in urban contexts. He has directly managed projects and strengthened local partners’ capacities in Bangladesh, the Philippines, Vanuatu, Vietnam and has provided technical support to the design, implementation, monitoring and reporting of projects in SE Asia, the Pacific and Africa. In the last 7 years he has enjoyed working in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (RCRC) with the German and French Red Crosses during which he has strengthened collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders at Regional, national and local levels such as with other RCRC partners, UN agencies, Government Bodies, INGOs consortium, Universities and community representatives. He holds a Msc in Environment and Development from the University of Reading, School of Agriculture Policy and Development (UK).

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