Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative and UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability

Director and co-founder, Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative; PhD Student, UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability; formerly Director of Research, TreePeople

Edith de Guzman investigates best practices for the sustainable transformation of the Los Angeles region, where her work has included groundbreaking research, demonstration projects, and public planning in areas of urban forestry, heat mitigation, and urban watershed management. Edith co-founded and directs the Los Angeles Urban Cooling Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary, national partnership of universities, nonprofit organizations, community groups and government agencies focused on designing data-driven, inclusive strategies for cooling urban areas using trees and highly-reflective surfaces. She recently finished a stint as Director of Research at Los Angeles-based nonprofit TreePeople, and is currently a PhD student at the UCLA Institute of the Environment & Sustainability. Edith received a master's in Urban Planning, also from UCLA.

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