Indian Institute of Technology

Aalok Khandekar is Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Sociology at the Department of Liberal Arts and the Department of Climate Change at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. Khandekar’s research focuses on understanding and developing collaborative infrastructures—the (often collaboratively built) socio-technical systems undergirding contemporary lifeworlds that allow a variety of differently situated social actors to come together to address complex issues. His recent research has focused on issues of urban environmental governance, focusing on air quality, and more recently, as part of the Cool Infrastructures project, on how vulnerable groups in the global urban south experience and manage rising temperatures. As part of this research, Khandekar also participates in the development of open data infrastructures to help build capacity for addressing complex conditions that characterize our worlds today. Khandekar is the incoming editor-in-chief of Engaging Science, Technology, and Society, the Open Access journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science.

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