Organization: DWD

The aim of the training center is to assist and provide capacity building for professionals from meteorological services, research institutions related to meteorological services and international organizations. Time at the training center will enable participants the possibility to study approaches to Heat Health Warning Systems (HHWS) in Germany, learn specific skills and work to adjust, apply and transfer the methods used by the HHWS in Germany in other locations.


The content of training on Heat and Health at the training center may include:


  • Key concepts and fundamentals of HHWS, biometeorological weather forecasting, importance of local and regional effects of climate and their influence on human health
  • Skills to estimate thermal indices, nocturnal and in general indoor conditions, the effect of sun radiation and ventilation including air conditioning
  • How to develop specific warning thresholds and criteria
  • Good practices to develop and tailor risk communication messages for broadcast meteorologists, the public, health authorities and specific target groups like elderly people and homes
  • Importance of preparation and analysis of health and epidemiological data


Training will occur in English and/or in German.

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