Author: Si-Yu Yu, Tzu-Ping Lin, Andreas Christen, Andreas Matzarakis

Year: 2020

2-3 March 2020 / Freiburg, Germany. To discuss recent advances and future directions, the “Symposium on Challenges in Applied Human Biometeorology” organized by the Chair of Environmental Meteorology, AlbertLudwigs-University Freiburg, in collaboration with Research Centre Human Biometeorology, German Meteorological Service, Freiburg, and the Society for the Promotion of Human Biometeorological Research in Germany has been held at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg on 2 – 3 March 2020. More than 90 experts, researchers, and science officers from over 35 nations participated in this symposium and gave keynote speeches, presenting latest research results, and sharing the experiences on communicating science. The symposium demonstrated that to succeed in delivering services to society, we need an interdisciplinary scientific diagnosis, the establishment of universal criteria to assist and guide more concrete implementations, and professional communication.

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