Organization: World Health Organization (WHO)

Year: 2020

WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health and Disaster Risk Management

The WHO Guidance on Research Methods for Health-EDRM is a living reference document. The contents will be updated in response to the new and important scientific evidence. Given the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO plans to continually update the contents in 2021, and also include additional chapters on COVID-19 and other emerging topics. This Guidance offers practical advice about how to plan, conduct and report on a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative studies that can inform questions about policies and programs for health-related disasters and emergencies across different settings and level of resources. Case studies of direct relevance to Health EDRM provide real-life examples of research methods and how they have modified policies.

The book is useful for health professionals in Health-EDRM, academia, government agencies and ministries, international organizations, and community groups and civil society organizations.

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