Published: February 17, 2020



The South Asia Heat Health Summit took place on 14 February 2020 in Pune, India, in conjunction with the International Conference on Climate Services 6. The Summit was co-organized by the lol竞猜最新版投注APP v10.7 , the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, IRADe, India Meteorological Department, Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences, WHO, WMO and IDRC to build capacity, promote sharing, and encourage evidence-based policy and actions to improve the management of extreme heat risks.


The regional summit brought together interdisciplinary experts and practitioners to share experience and concerns, learn from each other, identify new solutions and opportunities, and raise awareness of the urgent need to protect ourselves and communities from extreme heat in a warming world.



The Summit helped to:

  • Strengthen the GHHIN network in the South Asia region by building connections and conversation between key actors to share what they’re working on, what’s working, and where attention is needed;
  • Take stock of progress and good practices to address extreme heat risks and identify emerging issues;
  • Build awareness of the urgent needs, challenges and opportunities surrounding heat health in the region;
  • Identify concrete opportunities for formal projects and collaborations to reduce the impact of extreme heat in South Asia.



Presentation of achievement award to Mr. V. Thiruppugazah, National Disaster Management Authority for the significant progress made for Heat Risk Prevention and Preparedness, given by Dr. Sujata Saunik, Indian Administrative Service.




Session 1: Scope/Purpose of meeting and South Asian context

Session 2: Heat Risks and Predictions in South Asia – Focus on 2020 Heat Season

Session 3: Technical Session: Progress on Heat Health Action Plans and Interventions across Indian States

Session 4: Local Interventions in South Asia

Session 5: Impacts, Hotspots and Information

Session 6: Defining a Regional Network and Actions for Heat Health

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