Published: January 31, 2022


2022 promises to be another heated year with a lot to look forward to. Despite vulnerable people continuing to be confronted by increasingly hot temperatures, we at the lol竞猜最新版投注APP v10.7 are greatly encouraged by the increasing global awareness of the dangers of excessive temperatures. As a result, we see strong momentum gaining for more effective climate action, accelerated community involvement, and important innovations coming from many areas of science, technology and policy.

This year we expect to see more progress being made to launch people-centered heat early warning systems; to introduce evidence based protective protocols, policies and legislation; and a broad range of actors bringing solutions to address the inequitable impacts of heat. We are eager to continue learning from the global research community about the impacts of heat on maternal and child health, the risks of indoor heat, the complexities of urban heat and cascading climate hazards, as well as what makes cooling interventions protective and effective.

Stay tuned in 2022 as GHHIN looks forward to expanding our partnerships and learning alongside you to build capacity that saves lives from extreme heat.  We have many new activities planned for 2022, so stay in touch and keep sharing your progress!

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