Published: March 31, 2022



The lol竞猜最新版投注APP v10.7 (GHHIN) Management Committee has welcomed seven new expert members from Australia, Canada, France, India, Senegal, Singapore, and the United States. These members will contribute to the Networks efforts to protect populations from the avoidable health risks of extreme heat in our changing climate.



“These new additions come at such a crucial time for our Network,” said Joy Shumake-Guillemot (Lead of the WHO/WMO Joint Office for Climate and Health in Geneva Switzerland, and co-coordinator of GHHIN), “The work we’ve done since our 2018 inception has been met with increased funding and new partnerships with leading organizations in the climate and health space. As the demand for our expertise has grown, so has the need for a diverse, agile and engaged Management Team.”


The experts join the Management Committee in time to guide a rapidly growing suite of new projects and initiatives the Network will undertake in 2022, including:



GHHIN Management Team


Public Health Research and Policy/Practice Experts

Thermal Physiology (Occupational and Sports)

Humanitarian, Urban, Architecture & Infrastructure, Nature-based and Sustainability Experts

Applied Climate and Meteorology Experts

Young Professional/Student Members:

  • Chris Boyer , University of Washington (United States)
  • TBD (Selection pending) 




JOIN OUR TEAM: The Network is seeking a Technical Support Unit Manager to support this growing work plan. Deadline: 4 April 2022


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