Durham University

Glenn McGregor is a Professor of Climatology and Principal of Ustinov College at Durham University, in the United Kingdom. Glenn’s research explores the relationship between atmospheric circulation and surface environmental processes and the extent to which weather patterns, air mass types and modes of atmospheric circulation (e.g. ENSO, NAO) might influence the intra-seasonal to inter-annual variability of health outcomes. This interest manifests itself most strongly in the field of Biometeorology, the discipline concerned with understanding the relationship between atmospheric processes and living organisms. Within this field Glenn is particularly interested in the impacts of extreme heat and cold events on human health (mortality and morbidity) and the extent to which short to medium term weather/climate forecasts can be used in heat and cold event risk management. Glenn is actively involved in climate and health research and has recently published a number of useful overviews on ‘heat and health’, ‘humidity a primer for public health researchers’ and ‘El Nino Southern Oscillation and Health: an overview for climate and health researchers’. Glenn is former WMO Lead Expert of Climate and Health, previous Chief Editor of the International Journal of Climatology and President of the International Society of Biometeorology and a past and current (6AR) IPCC Working Group II lead author. Glenn was also lead editor for the widely consulted WMO/WHO publication ‘Heatwaves and Health: Guidance on Warning-System Development’.

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