US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Hunter Jones is the Climate and Health Project Manager within NOAA Research’s Climate Program Office (CPO). He and Juli Trtanj of NOAA run the National Integrated Heat Health Information System, where Hunter focuses on pilot projects with cities and regions to improve the usability and use of climate information for heat health risk reduction - including running Urban Heat Island mapping campaigns across the U.S. Hunter leads CPO’s extreme heat Risk Area Team, which is focusing on piloting urban climate laboratories in cities to manage urban heat and air quality issues. He also works on other climate and health issues for NOAA such as supporting infectious disease modelers with improved environmental data. Hunter received his Master’s degree at Duke, where he modeled pinniped and cetacean distributions under various climate scenarios. He began his career as a technology consultant after receiving a BS in computer information systems. His interests include developing climate services for health and modeling environmental factors influencing infectious diseases. He is a founding member of the lol竞猜最新版投注APP v10.7 (GHHIN), serves on its steering committee.

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