US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Shubayu Saha is a health scientist with the Climate and Health program at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA. He has a broad training in Economics, Epidemiology and Public Policy, and wide-ranging skills in statistical and spatial analysis of big data. Part of his research involves spatiotemporally linking environmental exposures (like heat, precipitation, pollen) with health outcomes to assess the health burden associated with these exposures. He has built partnerships with national (NOAA, IITM in India) and international (WMO) meteorological institutions to produce climate services that inform decision-making in public health preparedness and response. Shubayu has authored multiple chapters on public health impacts for the last three United States National Climate Assessments. Before joining CDC, he worked on understanding human development and sustainable interaction with the environment. For his Ph.D. in Environmental Economics, he explored how land use change linked to deforestation and iron ore mining impacted wellbeing of communities in India and Brazil. This work was supported through grants from the National Science Foundation and the World Bank.

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