Organization: GCRF, UKRI

Lead Researchers: Sulfikar Amir, Nausheen H. Anwar, Jamie Cross, Daniel Friedrich, Rachel Harkness, Aalok Khandekar, Anant Maringanti, Marie Morelle, Anindrya Nastiti, Elspeth Oppermann

Year: 2020

This research project was developed to fill specific gaps in evidence and data on access to cooling across cities in India, Pakistan, Cameroon and Indonesia. The research design is organised around three main research questions, each anchored in theoretical debates and bodies of academic scholarship:

i. Heat, Inequality and Gender

ii. Cool Infrastructures

iii. Thermal Practices, Needs and Capacities

Cool Infrastructures  is a collaboration between research institutions in Scotland, Cameroon, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, France, Germany and Singapore.

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